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Certified International Residential Code Inspector (IRC)

Earning your IRC credentials will help you:

Fulfill employer requirements

Building inspectors typically learn on the job to attain competency. Employers, such as city and county localities require entry-level ICC certification.

Access better career opportunities

Knowledge attained through certification, is a gateway to diverse career opportunities in the  residential and commercial real estate industries.

Maximize earning potential

2021 Median pay for an entry-level technician is $61,640 per year, $29.63 per hour.

Enhance knowledge and skills

Building Inspectors enjoy the benefits of accessibility to continuous certification training and higher compensation for skill attainment.

Building Inspections is a gateway career to many opportunities in the residential and commercial real-estate industry

Knowledge attained through certification, provide a solid foundation for building inspectors to create career opportunities in real-estate development.

Residential Building Inspectors typically do the following:

  • Review building plans and approve those that meet requirements
  • Monitor construction sites periodically to ensure overall compliance
  • Use equipment and testing devices, such as moisture meters to check for plumbing leaks or flooding damage and electrical testers to ensure that electrical components are functional
  • Inspect plumbing, electrical, and other systems to ensure that they meet code
  • Use survey equipment to verify alignment, level, and elevation of structures and ensure building meets specifications
  • Issue violation notices and stop-work orders if building is not compliant
  • Keep daily logs, which may include digital images from inspections
  • Document findings in writing

Most employers require certification for residential code inspectors. (U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics)

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4 steps to a residential code inspector certification

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