Fast-track your medical billing and coding certification

Certified Billing & Coding Specialist (CBCS)

Earning your CBCS credentials will help you:

Fulfill employer requirements

68% of employers require or encourage certification for billing & coding specialists.

Access better career opportunities

31% of employers report that billing & coding specialists have more responsibility in 2020, compared to 2019.

Maximize earning potential

Billing & Coding Specialist’s salary ranges from $26,550–$66,260, according to the BLS in 2019.

Enhance knowledge and skills

According to employers, professionalism is the most important soft skill for a billing & coding specialist.

Certified billing and coding specialists have a wide range of employment opportunities

The skills learned through medical coding certification are essential to hospitals, physicians offices, surgery centers, nursing homes, dental offices, home healthcare agencies, mental health facilities and even insurance companies and consulting firms. This rewarding field requires a high level of professionalism and dependability. Tasks performed could include.

  • Gathering/reviewing essential information
  • Verifying required documentation before patient information is released
  • Preventing fraud/abuse by auditing billing
  • Supporting coding and billing process
  • Assigning codes for diagnoses and procedures
  • Submitting claims for reimbursement
  • Auditing billing
  • Coaching healthcare providers to achieve optimal reimbursement

Most employers require or encourage certification for medical billing and coding specialists. (Source: 2020 Industry Outlook)

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4 steps to a medical billing and coding certification

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